Even with a flawless body, unwanted hair can be a downside to one’s confidence and self esteem.
Laser is the perfect and most convenient method for permanent hair removal. 

How it works

Laser beams are non-ionizing radiations, meaning
that it is totally safe, non-carcinogenic and does
not cause any kind of mutation on the cellular
Laser beams simply transfer their energy
selectively (only to the hair and not to
the surrounding skin) as heat.
This heat is then used to
permanently burn off the hair
follicle stopping hair re-

Our Laser Machine

                                                                Here at Eden we chose to work with the
   most effective Laser machine available in
                                                 the market, the Candela GentleLase®. Its laser
                                beams of wavelength 755nm, can target even the finest of hairs preventing any future re-growth.